Voting will begin on Wednesday, September 13th and will end Friday, October 13th at midnight.

In an effort to increase ease of voting and voter turnout, there are two ways for you to vote in this election:
  • VOTE ONLINE: If you want to vote online, you are in the right place. Simply read through the candidate statements, Positive Change candidate organization descriptions, and proposed Bylaw change. When you are sufficiently prepared, you can log your vote. Your Bloomingfoods member number is your user name. Each number can only be used once. Your password is your zip code. Online voting must be completed by Oct 13th (at approximately 11:59pm).
  • VOTE IN-STORE: Complete the paper ballot, place it in the provided envelope, then place the sealed envelope in the ballot box. In-store voting will be available until close of business on Friday, October 13th. 
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