Bobbi Boos

Why are you interested in serving on the board of Bloomington Cooperative Services (BCS)?
I am a fan of cooperatives. I would like to participate on the board, during a time when Bloomingfoods is stable and the focus of our efforts can be a choice made with the input of the owner-members and creatively address our Ends.

What experience or involvement have you had with Bloomingfoods or other cooperatives?
I first became an owner-member in 1987. I’ve served 6 years on the board as treasurer or president. I currently am the vendor manager of Rose Hill Farm Stop, a co-op owned by farmers. I was a co-founder of the Local Growers Guild and board member for 6 years. 

What has been your experience working cooperatively with small groups of people?
Aside from non-profit and co-op boards, I really enjoy being part of a farm crew. I’ve been the new worker, the crew leader and the owner at different points. In every situation it’s great to work, share and learn together while producing great food.

Please share any professional, volunteer, or life experience you have had that will provide insight when serving on the BCS Board of Directors. Include knowledge, skills, formal training, and education that will contribute to the mission of our co-op.
My involvement with a variety of food focused organizations and farms over the last 30 years, helps me understand how Bloomingfoods can be a partner in the local food economy. While on the board I have had multiple educational opportunities including leadership, facilitation, equity and inclusion and finance. 

How do your values and lifestyle align with the values and mission of the co-op?
I’m an organic farmer that believes in strengthening local communities as a solution to our current global economic, social and environmental struggles. To get there, I am a strong advocate of the co-operative model and education to help us mindfully participate in our communities

Given the stated Ends of BCS, what do you see as the primary role of BCS in the community?
The primary role is to remain a vibrate grocery. Now that Bloomingfoods has stabilized, I’d like to learn from the owner-members what the primary role might be. Personally, I would like to shift my focus from local food and start understanding more about increasing democracy, education and providing meaningful employment. 

What are opportunities and challenges you see for BCS in the future expression of these Ends?
The opportunities and challenges are similar.  Disruption from East store renovation is offset by opportunities to share the Ends with more people. Also, the difficulty of competing against large, often global, retailers is balanced by strengthening a model with many owner-members that have consideration for the community and the earth. 


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