Tosh Lewis-Young

Why are you interested in serving on the board of Bloomington Cooperative Services (BCS)?

"In the interest of maintaining a diversity of viewpoints on the Bloomingfoods board of directors, I think it’s vital for one or more board members to be an employee who is on the ground, working directly with customers, fellow clerks and management. I think I fit the bill.”

What experience or involvement have you had with Bloomingfoods or other cooperatives?
"In my three years working at Bloomingfoods, I have worked in many departments at both the east and near west stores. I have progressed from a part-time clerk with one shift a week, to a full-time clerk, to near west center store lead.”
What has been your experience working cooperatively with small groups of people?
"In my time at Harmony School I was involved in multiple school committees. I helped to plan and organize events, as well as being part of the yearbook staff. In my current role, I work with a team of four to keep the near west grocery department running smoothly.”
Please share any professional, volunteer, or life experience you have had that will provide insight when serving on the BCS Board of Directors. Include knowledge, skills, formal training, and education that will contribute to the mission of our co-op.
"In addition to my work at Bloomingfoods, I come from a family of member-owners of Bloomingfoods, many of whom have shared their passion for food issues and labor rights with me.”
How do your values and lifestyle align with the values and mission of the co-op?
"As someone who is passionate about food, it’s important that there is a place to shop that doesn’t feel like a compromise.”
Given the stated Ends of BCS, what do you see as the primary role of BCS in the community?
”In an age dominated by big business, I consider it critical that there be a locally owned grocery store that truly cares for its customers and operates ethically and transparently.”
What are opportunities and challenges you see for BCS in the future expression of these Ends?
"In the transitional period we find ourselves in, Bloomingfoods has an opportunity to refine its business model to better serve the city of Bloomington and its member-owners. I am committed to assisting however I can in this difficult and rewarding process.”
Please share any other brief statement that you feel is important regarding your potential service as a member of our board.
"I would be thrilled to bring my operational insight and experience to the Bloomingfoods board. It would be a valuable opportunity to use my everyday interactions and observations to help promote the interests of my fellow member-owners as well as my fellow employees.” 
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