Autumn McCoy
Why are you interested in serving on the board of Bloomington Cooperative Services (BCS)?
"I am a foodie, but not just for any food; quality food, and I believe in education of food. My thought is that it’s not just about the food we eat, but where it comes from, how it’s grown, and how does it benefit your body? Also, I’m a believer, member, and fan of Bloomingfoods and eat there sometimes daily. I know that Bloomingfoods needs to be in Bloomington, we need to help people know the difference between food and food. I would like to help educate our youth about the food they are eating and hopefully the parents and schools too.”
What experience or involvement have you had with Bloomingfoods or other cooperatives?
"I have been a member of Bloomingfoods for 16-17 years. I also supported Heliotrope Natural Foods in Salem, Oregon in the 1990s. I was on the Bloomington Pops board for three years, unfortunately the board no longer exists. I have not been on a true food board but understand the commitment.”
What has been your experience working cooperatively with small groups of people?

·         Little 500 coach for three years
·         Youth softball coach
·         DeCycles trip chaperone
·         Cofounder of the Harmony School Bicycle Club
Please share any professional, volunteer, or life experience you have had that will provide insight when serving on the BCS Board of Directors. Include knowledge, skills, formal training, and education that will contribute to the mission of our co-op.
·         200-hour yoga teacher training
·         Volunteer Events Coordinator, Bloomington Bicycle Club
·         RECP Real Estate Course – REALTORS Brokers License  
How do your values and lifestyle align with the values and mission of the co-op?
"I live each day, with a few exceptions, making healthy choices and exercising. I am fortunate that through many life experiences, I learned about healthy living."
Given the stated Ends of BCS, what do you see as the primary role of BCS in the community?
"Access to education on food systems, cooperative values, and the interconnectedness of food, health, and the environment: Educating children at a young age can have a positive impact throughout their lives."
What are opportunities and challenges you see for BCS in the future expression of these Ends?

"The opportunities are the ability to teach the children and their parents and teachers about better food choices. Make it a fun day of eating, learning, and having fun with education. The challenge may be the schools themselves, and the government agencies. However, since we are Bloomingfoods that helps. Bloomingfoods is respected and known in the community, if we believe that education is important, I believe we can teach others to believe it too – OR – at least maybe learn something in the process.”
Please share any other brief statement that you feel is important regarding your potential service as a member of our board.
"The human body is amazing, and when taken good care of, vastly enhances the quality of life. Making good food choices and exercise changed my life. Being a Bloomingfoods member for over 17 years and a realtor, yoga instructor, and personal trainer, gives me knowledge to better serve our community.”
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